Title says it all. I can't find pricing for Synessos. I've always told myself I want a LM when the time comes..but now, not sure if I should go with that or Synesso.

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I don't know the answer to your question but if you call 206.764.0600 I'm sure the Synesso folks can tell you.  Or at least how to contact a dealer in your area.  They're super nice.  I don't know anything about their wholesale program or if you could get a better price from a distributor than from them.  I know with the bigger players it is sometimes better to buy a machine through a distributor or roaster.  If you are looking at this end of the machine market you should check out Kees Van Der Westen and getting one of his units.  Same price point and pure art.

You are looking around the 10K mark for a 2 group new, but have a look around for 2nd hand machines, you can save a few grand


But initial pricing isnt everything, you should also take into account the cost of spares. While the Cyncra is a great machine, Synesso's spares are pretty steep & only available thru Synesso. LM spares are much cheaper (dont buy directly from LM- use a wholesaler) and more widely available.

I'm not completely worried about initial cost. I'm just don't like the fact that it's a mystery to me. It seems like LM is the way to go for me, but I've heard Synesso is about the same or perhaps may have a slight upper hand. But in the end, i've read that they are essentially the same quality. I'm sure it comes down to preference at this end of the spectrum.

I have recently wondered the same thing so I called the number that is above n Mkes post and they sent me an email the same day with the price schedules.  They were very helpful and answered any question I had.  If you have a dealer in your area they will probably refer you to their dealer but since they isn't one in my area they helped me out personally.  I would go ahead and put the pricing on here but I'm sure that there is a reason that they don't just publicize their prices so I will be respectful to that.  Good luck!  While I don't have one of their machines yet I do know that they are indeed awesome machines!

Having worked as a barista extensively on various LM's, Synesso Cyncra's & various HX's over the past 10 years & having rebuilt several commercial machines, I must say I prefer working as a barista on Synesso's, but I prefer doing rebuilds/repairs on LM's.
The Synesso Syncra 3 group is $14,360.69. 
We are a Synesso Dealer when gourmet ready. 

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