this is always interesting and probably been talked about a dozen times on here, but i'm curious (and new to this community), how do YOU do a cappuccino?

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technically, most of these would be double cappuccini, yeah?
From the Italian NEI to the WBC rules, a cappuccino has a single shot in it. As far as I know, those are the only 'official' descriptions of a cappuccino that I'm aware of. And, as the government of the country that is thought of as the originator of the word and the drink, I'll give them credence, as well as the organisation charged with discovering the most qualified barista on the face of the planet.

Anyhoo, mine is fairly similar to almost all the others described here. I'll pull a two ounce (sometimes slightly longer, depending on the beans) ristretto doppio from 18 to 22 grams (again, depending on the bean) into a Koenitz Coffe Bar 6 oz cup and steam two and a half to three ounces of milk up to about 140-150F while it pulls. I end up with what I describe to most specialty baristi as a 'competition cappuccino with both shots in it', and almost all of them get what I mean.
Chris said:
technically, most of these would be double cappuccini, yeah?

I've tried a macchiatos, but I wasn't really all that "fond" of it. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the espresso and the flavor, but it isn't really the same. Lol. I like a whole lot of foam, and the macchiatos we make just have a very thin layer on the top. So I guess my capps are like massive sized macchiatos, haha. I never thought of it like that!

But your version of a macchiato does seem close to my capp.

Adam Wilson said:
Nicole, do you ever drink latte macchiatos? I'm sure the definition of this one is even less agreed upon than the cappuccino, but the way I do them is:

2-3oz of dense steamed milk with several large spoon-fulls of microfoam on top in a small cup (something not too far from a demitasse, preferably glass), then pull a shot of espresso on top of the milk and foam. The espresso falls through the foam and initially rests on top of the more dense milk, so your first few sips are almost pure 'spro, followed by an increasingly milky experience. It's a really dynamic drink, and one of my favorites.

From your descriptions of what you like, I bet you would like it a lot.

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