Usually when I brew a group of people, I use a Bunn APS-VPR brewer & brew directly into airpots. I usually grind right before I brew to get the best flavors from the coffee of course. However, I am worried everytime I use it because it has a tendancy to overflow from the brew basket because of the fresh coffee blooming. Do y'all have any suggestions or tips to help tame the bloom so I don't worry about it overflowing? Thanks!!

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Check the spray head. I have had one that broke off and found that it would over flow. I have to buy a fill tube to fix the problem and a spray head or it could have the wrong spray head.

Hey Tom,


Its not the actual sprayhead, but the bloom of the fresh coffee overflows inside the brew basket, over the rim and runs downs the side of the brew baskets. It makes a nasty mess.

I have never had this happen . I grind for every  air pot I use a aps-vpr  and a grindmaster evey day it is the only coffee brewer that we use and the only time I have a problem is when the spray head came off and when I replace the head got a six hole but replaced it with a five no problems. 

I use a VPR daily and have had this issue. Best way I've found to tame it is to NOT pour all the water in at one time. For example, if I'm brewing an 80 oz. batch I pour in 32 oz. and let it saturate the grounds so the bloom can take place and once that has ran through I pour the rest of the water in to let it finish. Since doing this I can't recall having anymore overflowing.

Awesome, I will try that. Thanks for your help!

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