We serve premium hot chocolate in our cafe...steamed milk, premium dark chocolate sauce;however, we have added a coffee truck and get several hot chocolate orders, primarily for kids with coffee drinking adults. Has a nyone discovered a mix or premade quality hot chocolate that we would use exclusively on the truck? Our milk and water supply is limited and we need efficiency.

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A little more info might help us understand your goals here.

What are you trying to accomplish? A just add water solution? A way to safely make a cambro's worth ahead of time? A lower cost solution since "the kids don't care"?

I've always been a proponent of the portable cafe being a way to reach new customers and bring them back to the mothership. For that reason, any time our shop did an outdoor event, we'd use the same products as we did for the main store. This made things more complicated some times, but when those compliments turned into new customers it was worth it. I think you'll want your mobile product to be as close to the stuff they get at the store as possible. 

Do you make the sauce you use at your main cafe? If so, perhaps you could make a "just add water" version with powdered milk and try it out. If not, this may be something you should consider looking in to.

One last note. As a parent, I appreciate when establishments serve my son healthy, wholesome, quality food. I resent those that pawn off awful manufactured crap since "they don't care anyway". I didn't see anything in your original comment that made me feel that YOU'D approach it this way, but it kinda fits in with the discussion so I thought I'd throw it out there.

We actually serve oranic products at our cafe, non GMO flavorings and other products, so no, I'm not trying to serve junky stuff on the truck….agree that the reason we have it is to advertise for our cafe.  We attend big events with the truck and get really busy…just thinking out loud on ways to help our efficiency at the window….people are stuck in the "HURRY and serve me QUICKLY"mode…..when hot chocolates are ordered, it takes time away from the barista pulling shots for espresso drinks…..

just looking for some random ideas….not a cure!

Just out of curiosity, what stands for "hot chocolate" over there (US I believe)? Over here most establishments use hot chocolate mix powders added into milk and steamed. Some time ago, considering that this powders are made pretty much only from powdered cocoa, sugar and pinch of corn starch, I decided to make my own mix and it proved to be much better quality-wise and actually cheaper, so win-win (also, most people dislike them because too sweet, too little chocolate-y, so this gives me total control over taste and consistency). It however seems to me that in US, hot chocolate means something entirely else, so....what?

i been using Belgum chocolat chips that i melt in our steam milk .! work like a charm and make the best hot chocolat. A bit more price but it is justified and the customer undersand it quickly.

Hi I am loving It!!

I really Like hot chocolate and hot chocolate coffee

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