I only drink coffee at home when I'm entertaining, otherwise I'm drinking in the shop.  And when I do brew at home, I just use a chemex, aeropress, or v60.

But I have a friend who is looking for a high quality home coffee pot maker to get his mom for her birthday.  I honestly have no idea which ones are best because I simply don't research any of them.  I'm wondering if you guys can point me in the direction of brands and models that are as good as possible for home brewing.  He's already ruled out the manual methods because she won't do them.

Thanks guys!

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IMO hands down Bonavita for auto-drip. Better than the Technivorm at much lower price.

I would second the Bonavita's.  They are straight forward, simple to use, and brew at the proper temperature.  Also, they are approved by the SCAA for this reason. 


Thanks guys.  Exactly what I'm looking for.  Appreciate it

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