Anybody know where I can acquire Hiroshi Sawada's skull tamper? He's one of my latte art role models, and his trademark skull tamper looks pretty badass.

I tried doing a search, and I came across this web page...

I have a feeling though that Espresso Parts no longer carries it, 'cause it's not offered in the Tamper products listing on the website, although a search will bring up the page itself.

I tried emailing Terry Z of Espresso Parts, but haven't heard a reply. I also tried contacting Espresso Parts via their Contact page, but when I submit the form, it takes me to a weird encrypted page. I'm assuming it's not working...

BTW it's listed at $1,000. I'm hoping it's a misprint...

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Have you tried calling their 800 number during normal business hours and talking with one of their customer service representatives?

So I tried calling 'em up, and unfortunately, it's been discontinued...

BTW if there's anybody who knows of a place that might somehow carry this tamper, please feel free to let me know...

Or if there's another tamper out there as cool as this one. I not only like the fact that Hiroshi Sawada used to use this tamper, but also the fact that it looks completely different than any tamper on the market today. Nowadays, you get a lot of traditional handles. The skull handle really set itself apart from the rest, 'cause it not only looks distinctly different, but it's just overall well-designed.

Shame they axed it.

It looks like they took a base and used a gear shift nob for the top:


You could probably make your own.

Thanks Andrew, I was also notified by Cedric that the shift knobs were the best way to go. 

Andrew Hamilton said:

It looks like they took a base and used a gear shift nob for the top:


You could probably make your own.

So I called EP today to ask for black bezel rings. It's the only thing I would need on top of the tamper piston to make my own skull tamper. Unfortunately, their graphic design guys didn't add the black ones, so the rep told me to give it a day.

I wonder if the Nismo or Razo shift knobs would also work for EP's tamper pistons. It's probably not gonna be a seamless fit...

Was also looking for an alien head shift knob, but I've yet to find one that looks anywhere near decent...

A friend of mine made a shift knob using a leather-wrapped VW Wolfsburg shift knob. I believe he carefully epoxied a stud into the knob that had the correct thread to match a Cafelat tamper piston I had in stock. Looks beautiful. Good luck!

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