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Can you narrow down your question a bit. I could write twenty pages on how I make coffee. Ordering is simple: Espresso (or Macchiato if the mood strikes me,) for here, and a 12 or 16oz brewed coffee to go, black.
I've been searching my town for cafe's that offer an even better cup of coffee than the standard commercial auto drip large-batch coffee machines do. I recently attended my first cupping which really ignited my love of and passion for good coffee. I found one shop that brews both French press and Mellita-style drip coffee one cup at a time and I've tried and enjoyed them both. I'm going to visit a second shop that offers French press coffee and a third shop that offers Aeropress coffee. A fourth shop here in town offers cold water extract coffee which I've also tried and loved. I don't know why I'd ever go back to ordering big-batch auto drip coffee again. I pay over $3.00 for a 16oz cup of coffee brewed manually by my barista with a single cup cone (Mellita style), from espresso (Americano style), or French press and I'm happy to do it for a noticibly better tasting cup of coffee! I really appreciate my local coffee spots that raise the bar on coffee quality and make my coffee experience that much more enjoyable.
What do you think? Hope this was helpful. I'd love to hear back sometime as to how your menu turns out, what you decide on. Best of success to you. - Cash c[_]

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