hi kids.
i'm going to be down in sf for this weekend and i wanna taste, sip, drink, chug, and enjoy some excellent espresso and press. i wanna check out some techniques and styles. ogle a bit.
where should i stop?
any specific shops you recommend?
input and insight always welcome :)

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thanks guys :) pretty stoked. i literally just get to drive around without a time budget and... ch ch check it out.
Make sure it's not during peak business hours that you go to blue bottle. Otherwise they won't make you the $10+ cup from the crazy siphon brew bar.
If you insist on staying in SF, I haven't been able to find many great ones over there. Except for Philz in the Mission. And Caffe International in the Haight. Which is convenient since Haight and the Mission are two places you'll probably want to check out anyway. Philz doesn't do espresso so they focus completely on great coffee, pour over only.

However, if you want to Bart over here to the East Bay...
Local 123: Amazing Coffee, comfortable space, but kind of libraryish. Ie. Quiet and studious.

Remedy Cafe: All around amazing. The owner is a bxer too, and he hooked up his speakers to a turn table and apparently has an awesome record collection. Serving up Ritual Coffee!

Bluebottle: Yeah it's good coffee. Fourbarrel and Ritual beat it hands down though. Kind of overhyped.

Fourbarrel: Amazing, though not really much fun to hang out in. According to Yelp there are a couple of good places in SF that serve Fourbarrel.

Mediterraneum (which claims to be the originator of the Latte and is on Telegraph, the only interesting place in Berkeley besides the school. Though the first four choices have slightly better drinks) Serving Barefoot Coffee.

I'd say my first choice would be Cafe International for SF. And Remedy Coffee for East Bay. Just based on my experience. You could always just use Yelp.
Almost forgot Guerrilla Cafe in North Berkeley in the Gourmet Ghetto. They serve Blue Bottle and have a really cool space. Good food too.
Ritual is fantastic! their sweettooth espresso blend is amazing

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