Hey guys!

Okay, so this one is might be a bit contraversial but we'll see where it goes.
I was talking to some of my staff & a couple of other friends of mine who are in the trade the other day and we got onto the topic of "which sex is best", the usual banter rolls around but then we did get into a fairly deep conversion throwing in various pro's and con's to have male or female baristas. (girls rock btw...hehe). 

Things like sex appeal, confidence and even work ethics came about and it was a nice thing to think about after the comedy value was fulfilled...lol

I'd just like to ask you guys what you think. I know that i'm good at what i do, and so are all the ladies i've worked with. But i hire and work with gents who are amazing at what they do too. Also, do you think its a guy trade or a girl trade - i notice on my FB account there are a huge amount of guy baristas???

Opinons guys & gals?...hehe
Kim xx

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work ethic is up to the individual, not the sex. I've worked with lazy men and women, and motivated men and women. I'm sure we all have.

Sex sells? Well it depends on the sexual preference of the customer. It's 50/50. Personality is more attractive and will get the tips over a nice face everyday. I'm trying to think of all the times I didn't tip pretty girls. I've tipped funny/smart guys and girls more than I have pretty girls throughout the years.

If someone makes me smile they're getting my business again and again. Hire personality, not sex.

Now, I've never ever in the past 11 years heard of a customer being lewd toward a female barista. This is actually the first time I've heard about something like that. This makes me sad.

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