So the other day I was reworking my roast profile for my Guatemala Antigua (I really did not like the way we were offering it), and I decided I got it to where I like it as a drip coffee (City +, not to light but still light).  After a short rest (< 48 hours), I decided to try it as a SOE. 

    I had been contemplating blending an espresso with this coffee, and after the SO shot I just made a few minutes ago all I can say is yes!  I took it a step further and made a few mixed drinks to see how it played with others (again still an SO) as well, and my god is this coffee outstanding!  I highly recommend anyone who has a chance to try this coffee at this roast level as an SOE, it really packs a punch.  The sour flavor it brings is like a sour apple or sour jolly rancher (I don't recall which flavor of JR are sour...).  It's aftertaste is of a dark chocolate with hints of nuts, and its quite clean and smooth.

    I had made a French Press and drip pot with this the other day straight from the cooling tray, and it was good then but the sour was not quite right.  It really needs about a days rest before it starts to shine.

Again, I recommend trying this (ANY GUATEMALA ANTIGUA!) as a very different SOE if you have the chance, I've had quite a few different SOEs but none quite as drastically different and pleasantly surprising as this one!

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I just reread this and realized it came across as shameless self promoting for the Guat I had roasted, I wanted peoples thoughts / experiences on other Guatemalan SOE!

I've read about Guat as an SOE in many places, and I see soe discussions on here from time to time but no one has tried it as such?
We often use our Guat Guaya'b Huehuetenango as a SOE . I get pretty much the same experience as you do with your Antigua. I have not yet created a blend with it but it does shine as a SOE
im assuming soe means shot of espresso?
if it does, i will have something to say,
if not, well see.

joel said:
im assuming soe means shot of espresso?
if it does, i will have something to say,
if not, well see.


Do you have something to say?

Luke, what I have to say is "bring me up a couple of pounds next time you're around!" And yes, the green apple jolly rancher had that perfect sweet-tart thing going on. Now if you just nail the watermelon one...
i will say im glad i now know what soe stands for and will use it often.
but also, that im very jealous of this guat espresso that sounds so good, i have had bad experiences with guat in espresso, im just not a fan. i dont really know the specific farms or varietals off the top of my head being that they are long guatemalan words i cant remember unless im reading them, but i wish to taste this guat that has sour apple in it.

luke, im assuming i could order some of this from you online somewhere? could i grab a link for that?
and, if you do, could you elaborate on your method of preparation? such as extraction ratios and whatnot, grams coffee vs grams extracted, etc. any helpful tips to make it well.

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