I was given this Coffee plant as a Christmas present from a coworker. Anyone out there grow coffee plants at home? Care to share tips or pictures?

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The plant is doing real well, moved up to a much larger pot a month or two ago. There's a new picture up at my page.

I think it's time for some fertilizer, though. Anyone know what kind of nutrition this plant needs? I'm not getting any symptoms of malnourishment, just slightly slowed growth.

Also, there are some very small whitish bugs crawling around the drain saucer, should I be concerned?

Is it weird to be the only person to respond to a discussion you started months ago?
Hey Tim

The best thing i can recommend you is placing it in a large pot because the roots can go really deep.

Second have a good soil. A vegeteable mould together with some potting compost will do the job just fine.

Third and most important. Keep it in a place where you have a temp of 17-23° C. The more the temperature varies. The worse the plant will do

Just a question concerning the bugs. Are they wormlike or lice?
Hope it helps

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