I am looking for a good used grinder that I will be using at home for now but possibly as a backup in the future. Cost is a factor in this one. I see a la San Marco SM 90 flat burr grinder for $250. It has 64mm burrs and seems to get good reviews. My questions is, is it worth $250? It looks to be in good used shape but not perfect. Hopper and doser are fine.


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Factor in the cost of new burrs, $45 from espressoparts.com, and is it still worth that price? It seems to be a perfectly capable grinder, probably akin to an off-brand Mazzer Super Jolly (based on the burr size+commercial styling). Which is to say, there's no clear reason why it wouldn't be a perfectly capable grinder.

As for the value, that's for you to decide. Can you find a better deal? It's also not uncommon to find an actual used Mazzer for $300 or so on ebay, granted you should add $35 for new burrs to that price for a Super Jolly.

$250 seems like a perfectly reasonable price to me, it's just an ugly-ass grinder I wouldn't personally want on my counter.

Used san marcos for years and liked them - not as fancy or as fast as the bigger Mazzers, but good grind quality and plenty reliable. As Evan said, plan on new burrs for sure, but I'd say it sounds reasonable.

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