I need to get grinder for our drip station. Anyone has any suggestions?

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Barbara Adams said:
We are opening in a few weeks. Somehow I am trying to free myself out of what is customary down here. Somehow I thought I am supposed to offer flavored coffee. But then again, if we offer quality cup, no one will even miss their perfumes...

IMO (and yes it's my coffee snob opinion:-) the best way to offer "flavored" coffee is to offer a coffee menu of SO's for your pour over station that not only focus on quality but distinctly different taste profile coffees. Let the wide ranging natural flavors of coffee speak for themselves. IIRC I'm currently offering 12 different coffees brewed on demand. Fun and educational to include coffees like a DP and a WP from the same region or even farm/co-op etc. For instance my current pour over coffee menu includes both washed and dry processed Sidamo's, both great coffees yet very different in the cup of course.
We were afraid to go "Flavorless" when we first opened as well, but haven't regretted the move at all since. If your demographic is full of shops offering flavored coffee, it doesn't mean that you have to do what they do in order to survive, it means that you have found a really easy way to be better than them. Think about it...


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