I'm looking for a good quality grinder for my home Nuova Simonelli Oscar. I don't do a lot of volume so am not really looking for a commercial caliber unit. If I am not drinking an espresso drink, I make a press pot so would like a machine that can handle both although I have an older burr grinder I could keep for press pot.

So far, the recommendations have run from a Baratza Maestro (around $150) with conical burrs to a more commercial Nuova Simonelli MDF (around $650).

I want quality espresso in a space with limited counter area. Any suggestions? Thanks....

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I owned a Nuova Simonelli and used it for four years. It never gave a problem and although I had an extra set of grinding plates, never installed them for the grind gave a consistent grind of coffee. I then replaced it with a conical Macap MXK for only a couple of hundred more than was payed for the Nuova and found the Macap rendered a more even grind. The new grinder brought my double shots into a three second range, shot after shot, and renders a slightly better taste from an espresso. I have no problems with either grinder.
Thanks! It's been very good and I'm learning the subtle adjustments to get just the right touch. Cheers....Larry

Bryan Wray said:
I just came across this thread, but was going to recommend the MCF so I'm glad you got one. After 4 years of use in shop as a decaf or "guest espresso" grinder the only reason that I don't use it anymore is because it found a stone and the burrs are shot and we have so many grinders that I don't really need to replace it right now. If I actually made coffee at home (live a 5 minute walk away from my shop) I would replace the burrs in a heartbeat and get the baby on the counter.

Good luck with the grinder, I think you will be happy.


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