I'm looking for a great coffee shop in Paris. Beautiful little cafes abound with nothing but Illy coffee prepared in a very mediocre way. Great coffee with stellar brewing is my quest. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.

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Oscar these are good, thank you. In my research today I found one mentioned in your articles but the insider perspective is much better than what I'd gotten. Thank you!
Very soon Cafe Coutume will be opening at 47 Rue des Babylone. We will be rocking some great coffees and espresso. Projected open date is March 7th. Stop by and I'll make you a great cup!

Kevin what arrondissement are you in? I am in Paris from the 2nd -9th.  I would love to stop by

Mike Love

Coffee labs Roasters

It is in the 7th just down the street from Le Bon Marché. Would be great if you would stop by.


look out for CAFES VERLET , PARIS, they also alot of SO. http://www.cafesverlet.com/
am so glad I asked and you all spoke up - there is some good coffee in Paris!
glad to help.

Piper Jones said:
am so glad I asked and you all spoke up - there is some good coffee in Paris!

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