Hi there, I have had nothing but problems getting set up with these folks. I really want to give them my money; however, they don't want to seem to take it (weird in this economy too...). I have been trying for a month to talk to a person there - I have filled out forms on their website, called and left various voice mails, talked to other stand owners to see how they obtain the product and tried their contacts - no one wants to talk to me. Is my money bad???

Since these folks don't want my money, can you good folks please recommend another company that has great sugar free white, milk, and dark choloclate powder? I am happy to go with someone else that will take my money as long as they have a high quality product.

Thank you! Becky

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Becky..... sorry, but are you operating in Everett, WA? And to which chocolate company are you referring; Ghirardelli or Guittard? There's a sales rep. for Guittard that's based in the greater Seattle area. And when I looked into stocking pre-packed retail product "and" their sauces and syrups, they were very accomodating. Have you ever talked to Guittard in So. San Francisco?
Call me. Darin@goshthatsgood.com Sorry to hear about your challenge. I will take care of this
Darin at 503-871-5282
I would call Darin and let him make it right:) these guys really do have an amazing product!
We got it all taken care of. If anyone ever has any challenge give me a call directly. I'll take care of you.
Hi All, I wanted to update you on this - just for fairness and closure. Darin was kind enough to pass my name and contact info along to Victoria and we have everything taken care of. I received the products I wanted and they are very, very good and have been very well received.

On a side note, if you are looking for a great sf line of products, I highly recommend Gosh That's Good! Brand - my customers could not be happier!

Thank you all!!! Becky

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