Going to Charleston South Carolina. Anyone know where I can get coffee?

Like the title of this thread says, I am traveling to Charleston South Carolina this weekend and will most definitely be looking for good brews while I am there.  I'm planning on bringing my own v60 setup to make coffee in the hotel, but I definitely want to see some cool shops.  Can anyone recommend some cool shops?

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Here's a start: link

Funny, I'm heading there next week as well to visit family and was wondering the same thing.  I lived there for a short time a few years ago and it was really difficult to find a good cup then (I do remember Kudu being alright). Good suggestions from the link below though. There's also Charleston Coffee Roasters and the owner, Lowell, is a really cool guy with some quality coffee on hand.

City Lights is pretty good but my favorite spot is Caviar and Bananas. Like a Dean and Deluca but a little more fun. Coffee's by Counter Culture, pulled on a GB5. Legit.


KuDu is also the jam, last time I was there they were using Krankies, a small roaster out of Winston-Salem. The coffee was pretty good but the ambiance was fantastic.


There's also a cool little bakery called Baked (original location is in NYC) using Stumptown - http://bakednyc.com/page/locations/


Cheers mate! Be sure to let me take you out for a beer if you're cruising through Raleigh / Durham!

Hope and Union is the best in Chas. They alternate between Stumptown and Inteligentsia, so you can't go wrong here. Kudu has a great atmosphere and a large outdoor patio and is always very busy during the school year. However, from my experience the espresso is awful. Also to note, Baked quit using Stumptown a little while back.

City Lights is great if you like to people watch as it's located right on the market. Espresso is not all that. As for venturing outside of downtown, Metto in Mt Pleasant is a close 2nd to the best in Charleston. They have Zoka and just recently added a pour over bar. It's a little small but definitely worth the stop if you're on that side of town.

Muddy Waters on James Island uses CC and has terrific equipment but is really hit or miss. The store is also very small but great to get stuff to-go.

Hope this helps!

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