I recently acquired a few used Fetco thermal coffee dispensers. Unfortunately one of them was previously used with flavored coffee and despite several Urnex cleanings I can't seem to get rid of the flavored coffee aroma. Does anyone have any secrets to eliminating this? Thanks!

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Try alcohol like a 92% isopropyl (rubbing)


If anyone knows, I'm interested to see this too.
denatured alcohol works wonders for cleaning anything. it should get the flav out, and you can use it to get waterspots of of wine glasses. you can get it at your local neighborhood hardware store. if all else fails go buy some grape nuts grind it in your burr grinder really fine put it in the dispenser and shake it up alot. that will soak at least some of the flavor out. if both dont work smash the dispenser with a sledgehammer it will relieve the stress.
what size is the dispenser? I've got a few I might be able to part with. I don't believe that anything you wash those with will get that stuff out, especially if it was not properly cleaned on a regular basis by the previous owner.
An Update:
I attempted another Unrex cleaning of the dispenser in question. This time I left the Urnex in for over 24 hours and filled the dispenser with hot water to well above the rubber gasket so that it would be subject to the Urnex as well. I did not insert the fill gauge.

After 24 hours, you could visibly see the "residue" left from the Urnex doing its thing in the bottom of the dispenser. The flavored coffee smell is all but gone.

Now to tackle the fill gauge....

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Fortunately, I didn't need to resort to a sandblaster (this time.)
they sell i believe fox urine at hardware stores (for gardens)this works great at getting the smell out......
now if they only had anti fox urine???? to get that smell out!

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