I have heard that some shops have gotten rid of the 20oz to go size. i am seriously considering doing it myself. has anyone done it recently? what kind of customer response did you get, if any? have you noticed any change in sales, etc? appreciate the input.

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i took it off the menu, but i got a bunch of 20 oz cups so i just charge more if they DEMAND to overload themselves with milk.
I'd love to get rid of 20zoers but we are in the burbs and so we must serve what the customer wants. What really kills me is the number of of people that come throuhg and order 20 steamers, I mean really you're going to start your day with a big hot chocolate... I feel like asking them if they want it served in a sippy cup
we've never carried 20 oz cups. it doesn't really come as a shock to most people, and it really hasn't impacted our sales -- but this could be due to the fact that we've done it this way from the get-go. in my personal opinion, i think that 20 oz is just ridiculous and too much... but then again that's because i'm a stickler for portion sizes and portion control.
I agree. the 20oz is a mohumpus-sized drink. people are not calves, we don't need that much milk in one sitting. plus pulling 4 shots takes up and extra group and slows us down a lot when we get slammed. i want to give the customers what they want, but at the same time i want to make it cost effective for me and easier on the baristas.

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