Any recommendations on good, heavy duty, commercial quality French presses to use and also to offer at retail to customers?

I've looked around at Bodum and a few others.

The ultimate resource would be a supplier that would also be willing to screen our logo on the presses...

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I have the stainless, its great. Its a great heat sink as well.
My old shop switched over to the Bodum SS after the fourth glass FP broke: mid-press, spilled hot coffee over a barista's leg. I wouldn't say that the glass versions were unsafe, but why risk it? WE had good results with the SS, but the rep from a roaster whose beans I was working with a while back said the coffee from the Bodum SS FP tasted 'bad.' However, I would recommend a blind taste of the glass/SS side by side (something the rep didn't do) before actually comparing the quality of brew between the two; a rigorous methodology will save us all.
Thanks for the recommendations everyone.

Since I posted this, I have brought in some Bodum presses and they have worked out great.

Bodum makes a plastic press (which is ironically more expensive than the glass version) that is super durable and crystal clear. Time will tell how it holds up to scratches and staining though.
OK everybody, this is the one that we finally settled on after trying them all . They work great- no grounds in the coffee- they are thermal so the coffee doesn't get cold before we get it into the airpots-the price is right- easy to buy wholesale- you can get your logo printed. On the downside: the anodized colors peal after some use and look funky. The all stainless silver model does not have this problem.
I really like the Frieling stainless steel french presses. Pretty much he most durable french press on the market. The Bodum columbia is really nice, too. Stainless steel presses cost a bit more but are definitely worth it in the long run, as you can get years and years of use out of them.

Columbia Double Wall from Bodum, I own about 7 and they take ALOT of abuse from our company.

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