I feel like a big boy now, I went out and bought a french press.  I really enjoyed the flavor but noticed a residue on the bottom of my cup.  Is this normal, if not how can I make my next cup even better?  

I know that this is a basic question but I new to coffee outside the home drip and K-cups.

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It's totally normal! The press leaves all of the oils and more particles which settle down in your cup and give the press its greatness!  

Thank you.  I was wondering if that was the case but was not sure.  


This is what actually the beauty of French Press is...But few people who don't like it use more coarse grinding as it minimizes the small particles. Even there are French Presses with filters that also minimizes the grounds in extraction. Here is a list of 12 Best French Press... 

Hi Mike,

I've used a French Press for years and I have found that those that use a “double screens system”in the filter help to reduce the amount of coffee grounds that try and slip through into your cup of coffee.

The SterlingPro French coffee press listed here has that extra filter system.

Good Luck!

Brew the best cup of coffee with a Sweet Coffees. Step-by-step instructions and a complete how-to guide for the French press brew method.

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