How are people menuing blended coffee drinks? Today someone asked me the difference between a frappe and a blended coffee. I was totally cuaght off guard (maybe because it was so early in the AM.... or maybe because it is currently 0 degrees outside).


Frappe - I always thought this was a Starbucks thing. Like how they call a 16 oz a grande. Ingredients: ice, water/milk/soy, coffee, thickening gum/agent, flavorings.


Blended Ice Coffee (BIC) - I first saw this phrase from Big Train and have seen lots of independents using the phrase. Ingredients: ice, water/milk/soy, coffee, powdered base, flavorings.


Am I missing anything?

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We use to call them coffee smoothies for about ten years but when Bucks call them Frappe we change the name .Everyone would ask what was a coffee smoothie .We make our own using cold brew coffee toddy, milk, ice, chocolate and a base.

Thanks for sharing -

Toddy is a great way to go. Toddy milkshakes are out of this world!

We used to call them coffee smoothies too. But later we call them frappe too.

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