Looking for a new Frappe mix....so many of the powders taste just that....powdery.  Any outstanding favorites?

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 We use jet dairy base you have to add toddy and choc or caramel or whatever combination you desire or your customers want. It is a liquid base so no powder taste. I also use them for my smoothies. The new lemonade is really good. I add strawberry inovations for a great strawberry lemonade frozen beverage. 

You might take a look at this discussion from last week: link.

There's a fantastic amount of information to be found in our previous discussions if you take a few minutes to look.

Torani is releasing a new cream base that is liquid, all natural and very tasty.  Our rep introduced it to us last week. 

Monin sauce milk and ice.

We just went through this process and settled on Cappuccine.  Really tasty, no powedered grit feeling or funny after taste.  Good luck.

I've tried some good ones throughout the year, but recently I tried the Frozen Bean and they are really good. The Double Mochalatte and Belgian hot chocolate are selling like crazy in my store and they send a lot of free samples. 

Best frappe mix I found through years of attending coffee fests is the frozen bean , the product just simply has more flavor than the other brands I've used , with my previous mix I had to add a shot or two of caramel syrup to my caramel latte frappe mix to achieve the right amount of caramel flavor, most other brands I tried over use cream and sweeteners to compensate for having less flavor , I would try it and compare with your current supplier .
don't see Frozen Bean anywhere when googled....who sells it?

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