For Sale - used 4 group La Marzocco Linea and Mazzer Grinder

4 group Linea, beautiful outside and in. completely rebuilt in NW. Last seen in perfect operation in Portland (cafe now closed). Currently in storage, tanks drained. Owners need fast sell as they are out of country. $4500. Not my machine, but trying to help friends out.

Mazzer grinder was used 3 weeks - super jolly $500

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Hi, call me if you are interested in the mazzer. 503-232-1016 - Sherri
Hi - call me if interested in LM 4 group linea. 503-232-1016 - sherri

Sherri Johns said:
LM is a semiauto, 4 group. Linea. Can you see the pictures, or I can email you extensive photos, thanks.

dsz said:
hi. 4 group still around? which model is it? automatic or semi auto?

Hello, have you sold the Linea yet? Thank you.
Hi Emily, Still have the linea - if you are intersted please email me at or cell 303-472-9577. I'll travelling fairly extensively right now. Thanks! Sherri

Emily Berriochoa said:
Hello, have you sold the Linea yet? Thank you.
is any of this prestine equip. still avail.?

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