For Sale: 3-Group Synesso Cyncra (2007) $5,800 - Great Value

For Sale: 3-Group Synesso Cyncra (2007) $5,800 - Great Value

We are a successful high-quality specialty coffee shop in Chicago selling our used 3-Group 220 Volt Synesso Cyncra espresso machine, which was in service from Dec 2007-Dec 2016. (We've upgraded to a new $$$ Synesso MVP Hydra since then.)

Asking $5,800. Open to reasonable discussions.



This 3-Group Synesso Cyncra was perfect for us in our medium volume coffee shop. Beautiful shots, beautiful milk, beautiful machine. The Cyncra was used and lovingly maintained for nine years, has been in storage for a year, and is due for some good maintenance, including descaling. It was still making delicious drinks for us when we took it out of service, though we were aware of a few issues:

  • The left steam wand was not usable at the time due to scale buildup (we rarely used the left wand... our bad!).
  • The center grouphead lever was not sticking in the left/"full on" position, so we would manually hold it during the shot. Our tech advisor said it just needed a new spring (or something like that). I imagine that could probably be confirmed with Synesso Tech Support.
  • The electronics control box mount was a little loose and needed the mounting screw/connection tightened up. If the control box was manually jiggled, the fail safe would cut off the power (happened twice). 
  • Regular wear and tear, some scuffs, but no major dings or damage. Machine still looks very nice. Probably due for new "easy replaceables" (gaskets, screens, baskets, etc.).


Please get in touch if you are interested.


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