Can anyone recommend a food safe solvent for cleaning a coffee roaster?

The parts I want to clean are the drop shoot and the ventilation chamber and fan, basically a layer of oils and chaff particles. My initial thought is to use Fantastic, but I dont want to contaminate the machine at all. I like using a bleach and water solution to clean surface areas, but the oily buildup has me looking for an alternative.

What do you all use to clean your roaster?


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not to familiar with roaster but sound like a oven clean would do the work. make sure you read the instruction and you try on small part first but usualy those cleaner burn at 400 f so you run you roaster empty for few hours and should be all clear.

Great Idea!

Ill look into that, the only complication I could see is getting the parts that I'm cleaning up to that "burnoff" temperature. The roast chamber definitely gets that hot, but the exhaust and intake parts may be a bit cooler. Nothing a thermometer won't confirm.


Have you considered Simple Green?

For all the parts where nothing burns, I've always used simple green.

For all the exhaust stuff I was just taught to use whatever combination of wire brushes, scrapers, chisels, grinding wheels, etc it takes to work the stuff off of there.  Never used any cleaning solvents.

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