This may seem like a little thing, but it has become a issue between myself and, well, most of my staff.

The question is...should we put foam on top of an iced latte?

I believe that the foam is a garnish on top of the iced latte. It doesn't add flavor or texture, but it makes something look more like a $4.00 drink then a $2.50

My staff says it slows them down, which it probably does a little. I was wondering if there is a industry standard. Any opinions out there?

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Plus, it is *your staff. Show them what's up.

Personally, I hate iced lattes like this. It makes the ice melt and has a weird sensation between hot and cold. And this would probably be the drink I'd hate to make, so time consuming. What I find best for making a more "foamy" iced latte is to put a less than usual amount of milk in a shaker with ice and shake like crazy, forcing air into the milk making it foam up.


-Jillian Roholt

Why is it so good when a cappuccine or hot latte has stretched milk and foam on top, but then we do not stretch our cold lattes? .........I am going to play with this - I have been inspired.

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