We will open our doors @ 6am on the 30th and will remain open until we reach 40,000 cups saved.
As of End of Day Dec. 29th we have 991 cups to go. Every Cup Counts!

Spread the word!

December 30th 5:30 pm - Join us for Game Night
( Scrabble, Pictionary, Chess, Cranium, Taboo...Etc)
Later on movies on the big screen.
Later, later on...drink up and save a cup All Night Long.

All drinks will be served in "in house mugs" or travel mugs

According to the Rocky Mountain Sustainable living Association 41 million coffee cups are thrown away each day.

Fluid Coffee Bar, located on the corner of 19th Avenue and Pennsylvania,
is on a mission to save 40,000 cups from entering a landfill this year.

Fluid Coffee Bar will host the local event as part of an ongoing effort to save 40,000 cups.
Community members are encouraged to show their support by enjoying a paper-cup-less coffee
in a reusable travel or house mug at FCB on Dec 30th and 31st.

“This is a big deal, not just because it has a positive impact on the environment, community and business but because it is a giant step in demonstrating how collaboration and creativity between small business and the local community can lead to positive change. “ Jeff Aitken, Owner Fluid Coffee Bar

Established in 2005, Fluid Coffee Bar, is a meeting place for friends and colleagues.
Come Discover the Art of Coffee and Community in a friendly stimulating atmosphere.

Fluid Coffee Bar, LLC
501 E 19th Ave
Denver, CO 80203

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That's awesome. Way to go Fluid!
As of End of Day Dec. 30th we have 640 cups to go. Every Cup Counts!
22 more cups to go to reach our goal of saving 40k paper cups from reaching landfill. This years goal to save between 55-60k
Keep us updated on your progress with this inspiring project. I hope your customers understand. Doubtless your regulars will be on-line and I hope you can explain things effectively to your drop-ins.
At 12:45 today we reached our goal of saving 40k cups from entering landfill. That is an awesome feat from one independent coffee shop. This years goal is going to be even higher.
Are you stating that you sell 40,000 cups of coffee in two days???
No in the course of one year we saved 40k cups from entering the landfill. Encouraging people to have their drinks for here in ceramic mugs or in traveler mugs.

Jay Caragay said:
Are you stating that you sell 40,000 cups of coffee in two days???
Come on, anyone can sell 40,000 cups in two days. Just very very small cups.
I love this. Absolutely love this.

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