I'm having a little trouble locating the correct version of Flojet's bottled water pump. I'm looking for the 3/8 push-to-connect version and all I can find is the 1/4" version. I've asked Flojet, and they have not been terribly helpful other than to confirm that it does indeed exist.

Does anyone have a good supplier for this, or know the exact model number? The current 1/4" version is the BW4000-000A so I suspect that one of those digits will be slightly different.

When/if Flojet does eventually decide to share this info with me I'll post it here.

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I don't know about flojet, but I have a good supplier for Auqatec 5800 series with 3/8 JG/push connect fittings.  

Have you tried their website?  


The manual makes no mention of a 3/8 version of this pump -


If  you can't find it and want to try an Aquatec, let me know.    

I have one that I use in my dining room. I actually just bought a replacement a couple of months ago. It's the FloJet BW1000. It comes with the 1/4" reducer in it, you just have to take it out to use the 3/8".

They did upgrade it and come out with a newer model, but for some reason I didn't want it. I think I got it through Amazon for about $115 or so. Good Luck!

Phil, that may be what I was remembering. I know I've worked with a version that took 3/8 line direct before. Other ones I've worked with have had the 1/4 port and needed to step up to the 3/8 line. It works, but its kinda kludgy.

The versions I've dealt with most recently have been the BW4000, which has a different outlet port setup. On this new one, it needs to have an insert but they ship with a 1/4". Given that they make different inserts, I'm sure that it's doable. In fact, someone from there emailed me back to confirm that this version was available. They didn't seem to understand that I also needed the model number and/or the part number for the 3/8 insert though... you know, so I can order it.

Yes, I've been all over their site, and found the spec sheet - but no mention of the model number there. Also found a couple of likely inserts in their full catalog, just not sure which one is the right size for this unit. Hopefully they'll update their product info to reflect current products soon.

The thought has crossed my mind that maybe I just ought to switch to another manufacturer. My preferred supplier (Holiday House) does sell the Shurflo pump with a 3/8 outlet, I just don't have any experience with it so am reluctant to spec it.

Thanks for the help so far.

Good luck. I remember having the same problem not being able to find it. Had the same model number issue when I initially got one.
You're just looking for the 3/8 insert for the new model?

I basically plan to do 3 things once I get the part and model number info:

1. Buy a bag of the 3/8 inserts so that I can retrofit some existing pumps and have the flexibility to buy the much more commonly available 1/4" version as needed going forward.

2. Communicate the 3/8 version's model number to my supplier to see if they'd be willing to carry it. (This seems like a longshot though, so I'll probably just default back to item 1.)

3. Post the correct model number here for public reference, and be able to share this model number with customers that call me in the future for information on portable setups.

Number 3 may not make very much sense until you understand that I don't sell very many of these. Frankly, with so many online retailers selling these systems dirt cheap there isn't enough money in it for me to mess around with. I will price out a system for someone if I'm doing the machine install, but more often than not I just tell them what to buy and let Google handle the rest.

So yeah, I really only need the part number for the 3/8 insert, but figured as long as I'm asking...


Phil Roberts said:

You're just looking for the 3/8 insert for the new model?
I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but maybe. Go to http://www.pumpagents.com/FlojetPumps/flojet-pump-list.html

Scroll about half way down to part number 20381-060 Ports 3/8 in od straight push

Maybe that's it?!?
I can also take mine apart and see if they print a part number in it... Do you know?

Yeah, they make several different 3/8 John Guest ports. I thought either that one or perhaps 21000-232B or maybe 21000-229B (both available in bags of 12) would be right, but since its a new product and their current catalog is from 2010 the "for use with pump XXX" info isn't current.

No need to spend too much time digging. I just thought maybe someone had it on a previous PO or in their system already, or had a boxed-up one in inventory. Will post back if their helpdesk ever answers.


Phil Roberts said:

I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for, but maybe. Go to http://www.pumpagents.com/FlojetPumps/flojet-pump-list.html

Scroll about half way down to part number 20381-060 Ports 3/8 in od straight push

Maybe that's it?!?
Right on... The part number is printed clearly on the end of the 1/4", but not on the 3/8" that's in the pump. Good luck!

Ok. The Flojet guy finally figured out what I was looking for. It looks like the part number for the 3/8" John Guest port is 21000-232A. I haven't found it at an online supplier yet, but am still looking. Going to call one of my usual suppliers Monday. Will post back when I find it.

He did say that the new version of this pump will ship with the 3/8 John Guest in the kit. The model number he gave me for that is BW4000-000A, but the last one I saw did not have that port in the box. Not sure what that means.


Thanks for all the help so far.

have you tried Freshwatersystems.com?

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