We've all had the moment when we taste a coffee and something just clicks.  It's the sip that takes coffee from just tasting like "coffee" to something more.  I distinctly remember when I had this experience: in the cupping room at the roasting company I worked for, and I tasted some Ethiopia Amaro Gayo.  "I get it!  Lemons and blueberries!" and life was forever different.  What are some of your memorable coffee moments?

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Wow I've never tasted it ! thanks for the tip hahaha

I am a coffee lover and I just love to drink black coffee with my friends, and share some good talks with each other. Me and my coffee just made for each other. ;)

It's being a long time. I still remember  my teenage days when me and my friends went a cafe coffee shop for coffee.  We generally drink black coffee. Seriously those days was amazing. Friends are the true colors in life. We can share many things we each other and with coffee too.

I love coffee and love to drink black coffee with my friends.

The brick of instant coffee heated up with knotted rope soaked in bore cleaner. After several weeks of eating C rations during Marine Corp artillery and combined arms exercises in Twenty Nine Palms California I decided to try the brick of vacuum packed instant coffee that came in the box with the canned meals. Compared to my espresso standards today it was probably not on the map but on that day it left an impression that I will never forget. Maybe i'll add a little sand to a latte tomorrow and drink it from a canteen cup for old times sake. Thanks for jogging the old memory of that fine cup of coffee.

Great question!

For me, it was my first sip. I took a sip out of my father's iced coffee when he went into the store. It was gross, I hated it. I proceeded to take a few more sips despite the awful taste. My curiosity got the best of me...

I have been drinking coffee ever since :)

I am an espresso lover :) So I also know the experience :) 

I am an espresso lover :) I know the feelings 

Now, I'm sad, because I've never tried Ethiopian coffee((((

My favorite coffee is Smart Coffee .


Hi All,

Latte is my favourite coffee. When I want a cup of coffee, I go to Blockhouse Coffee & Kitchen in Katy. They make delicious and sweet coffee.

thanks... Keep sharing more espresso stories a nd recipes:) 

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