I am in Colombia, staying now through the WBC where I'll be volunteering, and I want to visit some farms.  It is very  hard to determine which farms might be the best to visit right now in Colombia, does anyone have any recommendations and/or contact information?

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First of all, who do you work for?  Do they have any relationships in Colombia?  If not them, then how about your roaster?  Looking over your profile, I'm guessing your shop buys coffee from Intelligentsia?  Have you contacted them?  Chances are you might be able to hop onto a farm visit with Intelly people.


Of course, it would probably have been easier if you made these advances before departing the United States.


That said, if you're completely adventurous and have a decent grasp of Spanish, the growing regions of Tolima and Armenia are not that far from Bogota - about a 5 hour bus ride to Tolima (maybe 8 to Armenia) or a $300 1 hour flight round trip.  You might be able to go out to these places and visit farms there.  

Hallie, I will be in Colombia June 1st there is a farm my friend told me about close to Bogota. Message me and we can both go there!

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