Sidamo is in Yegecheffe which is in Beloya? DO I have taht right? If I do what is the distinction between a sidamo and a yegecheffe?

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on second assesment Yirga Cheffe (new spelling) is in sidamo. But still what is the distinction?
There are several diffrent land divisions in Ethiopia. Through many diffrent governments and just as many revolutions, the regions have been very mixed up. Every time the government changes hands they rename the entire country, which is still diffrent from what the people call it. What was once Sidama is now split between Sidamo and Limu (I think!...). Yirgacheffe (or Yirga Cheffe, Yergacheffe, so on...) is a primary milling town in Sidamo or Sidama, however you see it. Beloya is a specific mill about 15 miles out of Yirgacheffe, inside Sidamo, or Sidama. To make matters more difficult, there are about 20 diffrent English spellings to each Ethiopian word. Mabye thats a bit of a strech, but you get the picture.
Ok, so what you are saying is, there is only a distinction for Beloya?
I looked in an Atlas I have, and it seems that Sidamo is a province, and Yirga Cheffe is a town.

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