Ethiopia hosts international coffee conference

Are you likely to be in Ethiopia in the early part of November?

If so, you might want to swing by the Ethiopian Coffee Export Conference on 8th and 9th of the month, which is aiming to focus on ‘Strengthening the Legacy of our Coffee’.

Certainly, Ethiopia’s historical connection with coffee is strong.

It is said that coffee was first discovered in this African country and it is well-known for this particular export.

However, the conference is aiming to boost the profile of Ethiopian coffee on the international stage.

How is the Ethiopian coffee industry hoping to achieve this aim?

According to reports, it is hoped that this will be tackled in various ways.

Targets are to be set relating to matters such as volume, foreign currency earnings and quality.

Information is to be shared, together with the vision of how the sector will progress.

By considering the possible advantages and disadvantages that may occur, the issues can be pre-empted.

Who will be there?

A variety of key players in the industry, such as the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange authority, financial institutions, exporters, farmers and their cooperatives, the local agricultural bureaux and also the federal offices plus international buyers.

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