It is store policy at my shop, Catalina Coffee, that we never ever serve espresso to-go says so right on our menu: Espresso daily offerings served for here only.
Serving espresso to-go we feel compromises what should be the best beverage on our menu.
This policy, however, seems to give us the most strife. A few days ago my co-worker was cursed out by a distraught customer who couldn't take the time away from work to sit for 5 min and enjoy an espresso, but he did have the 5 to bitch and moan.... this is not the first time this has happened but dude took it to the yelps with some serious attitude.
We are always very polite when this happens always offer to make them a stout americano ( 8 oz americano) anyhow I was wondering how other people feel about this and if other shops have similar policies..

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Served Wine in a pint glass yesterday. It affects the taste, customer just really hated wine glasses. Everyone has their "thing" our job in the service industry is to see the individual situation and react accordingly. Are they going to fill up the cup with Milk, or do they really just need to get the heck out of here?

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