I have a client who sent me a soda with a payment the other week, its from NY here is a link to their site:



The soda is made with espresso (in some manner do not ask me exactly how).  As the weather warms up I know people look for cold drinks to serve and was wondering everyones thoughts on trying out this type of product in a shop!



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Agreed. It's so easy to be enticed by over sweetening and missing the point. Thx for the reminder Jason.


Jason Duncan said:

I think Nick's recipe sounds good.  With the easy ability to drink cold brewed coffee or toddy, I don't think I'd be interested in drinking something that tasted uber sweet and uncoffee like..
In case anyone is still wondering, we ended up settling on a NOLA style cold brew instead of the espresso soda. I like the sting of the carbonation but I finally decided that I simply liked the cold brew better overall as a flavor (and really showed off the coffee well). It's unsweetened and just a touch of half and half on top. Called it our "Cloudy Day Cold Brew" and it seems to be a big hit here!

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