Hi. I am starting a Coffee Trailer and having a difficult time picking the espresso machine. I want a semi-auto, two group, electric machine. Do you guys have any suggestions? Also, what sort of thing should I be looking out for when I start to build the trailer. I am new to this, so I am so overwhelmed. Thanks guys!

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Hi Keiko,

Astoria Gloria is exactly what you need, if by "semi-auto" you mean automatic (programmable buttons for volumetric extraction).  Semi-automatics you have to turn on the dosing of water and turn off the dosing of water.  Super-automatics are the machines Starbucks uses, that produce terrible espresso & simply read your mind without any interaction.  

In my experience, Astoria is the best balance of price & reliability (10-13 years of heavy service without major repairs).  Machines that are less expensive than Astoria have a lot of plastic components & tend to break more.  More expensive machines have marginal benefits & a value equation that doesn't add up in your circumstance.

As a mobile platform, I would definitely buy new.  Older machines will have finicky electrical connections & possibly scale that could come loose in transit.


Hope this helps!

Hi! Thank you Erik for taking your time to reply to me. I'm definitely going to look into Astoria. How about the grinder. I'm budgeting for $1500. What do you think of spaziele?


Absolutely!  I don't have any experience with Spaziale.  Mazzer, Compak & Mahlkonig all make incredible espresso grinders.  Compak has weight based models that are awesome but a little out of your budget.  A time based, doserless Mazzer would fit your budget & last a long time.  Just make sure you replace the burrs on a regular basis.


Thanks again, Erik! Mazzer seems to be the consensus with everyone. :)

Nouva Simonella  commercial 3 cup  espresso  with frother asking $700.00
It has very little hours of uses   It's retail price is $1,200 for a used  one .New is $22,000 .
 • Im asking $700.00 obo.503-995-7228

Hey Keiko, 

I own a coffee truck in Albuquerque. http://www.greenjoecoffeetruck.com

I use an Astoria Divina 2 group semi.


Here's the pros and cons: 
1. Pros: Workhorse. Can pull shots, pull shots, pull shots. In fact, I pull so many shots from it, I named it after my tank in the Army, "Dirty Duece"! I have a two group with two steam wands. I can work on 4 drinks at once, which is awesome when I need to bang out a long line. It's dialed in and super easy to use. Which makes for quick work. My business focuses on a good and fast cup. This allows for both. 

2. Cons: Draws a lot of power. I'm mobile, so this is a concern for me. But I bought it with the thought of brick and mortar later on...so, its a problem now, but hopefully not one later :) It takes 4400 watts. As of now, I'm unaware of how to power that with anything other than a big ass generator. So, it requires me hauling around this 200 lb genny everywhere I go. That blows. 

80% of the time, I don't need that big of an espresso machine. In my opinion, I probably overpurchased my espresso machine. Meaning, I probably could get away with only one group. But, when I work movie sets or have long lines, it's nice to have that second group. 


Here's a few notes:

1. It does not have a built in grinder

2. It draws 4.4kw

3. Its 220v

4. Weights 138 pounds dry

5. Takes 15 minutes to warm up


Here's a data sheet if you need one: 




I paid $2,400 for a refurb...


Hope it helps!

Hi Vincent,

Where did you get your refurb?? I'm planning to a get the Astoria Rapallo, lever, and a refurb would be great. Was it at Astoria itself?

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