Does anyone offer incentives to staff when certain sales goals are met? What are they and does it work?

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Keggers. I haven't done it....but that would be cool. Just kidding =P
useless reply.

Cedric said:
Keggers. I haven't done it....but that would be cool. Just kidding =P
I guess it's going to vary for employees. Something that would spark interest for high school kids might not be the same for older kids. Plus it depends on the sales goal too. The goals would have to justify the incentives. But something that's always a hit is movie theater gift cards.
movie tickets.....perfect.
most of our staff are bikers, we've been given gift cards to the local bike shop before.
best bonus i've ever been given.
I'm installing a POS system to be able to track all employee sales. My plan is to do a contest linked to an increase in bean sales. I'm going to offer $100 to the barista that sells the most beans that month, provided the store increases bean sales by 10%. If we don't hit the goal the $100 will roll over to the next month and so on until the goal is met. I'm also trying to think of something to do for upselling maybe link an incentive to $$$ per transaction.
Hey Ray,

The incentive program is a great idea and there are numerous forms of them. I recommend doing simple programs that are easy to track on an ongoing basis. After all it takes time for these things to evolve and you don't want to loose focus on the goals because of the incentives.

Bulk coffee sales- I remember hearing a fact about bulk coffees that said 70% of all coffee sales still occur in the grocery stores and non specialty coffee locations. With so many causes and reasons to buy coffee for home you would think the word would get out that the coffee in most of those venues are not fresh for one and there is no one there to hold your hands through the buying process; you know "marry you" to the blend or single origin that best suits your tastes.
At the store we noticed that the more we could brew for sampling. Doesn't hurt to add a french press of the same brew you do for drip coffees. This way they can have options at home. Almost everybody drinks coffee from home and might be influenced to do it more.

Back to the incentivising- At this point 10 pound daily goals of coffee going out over the counter were set and met. For every pound after ten pounds employees got $1 to split amongst all on shift. This can raise the hourly rate a couple of dollars on good days.
It's also easy to track with basic reports or a tally at the end of the day of what was sold and who was working.

I do have more but the kids are making messes and mommy has to clean them up.
I am amazed with the response. Very helpful. My store was up exactly 10% over 2007 for year 08. I am not willing to take anything less for this year and want my staff to get behind what it will take. And to be rewarded.
Hi Ray,

How do you feel that this focus on increased sales will impact the vibe in your store? I think that you'd need to monitor this very carefully during the first few days... you'd hate to have this adversely affect your store's comfort level and drive customers away.
Hey Ray,

No matter what you decide to do, I would suggest that you have a combination of incentives for the individual employees as well as goals for your whole team. That way you are hopefully developing a sense of camaraderie as well as increasing individual performance, rather than merely having your employees compete against each other.
I do an incentive program based on sales. Each store (i have 3 stores) has a daily and monthly sales goal (10% higher than that month in the previous year). If the store reaches their daily goal, the employee gets 1 point for each hour they work. On days the store does not meet the goal, they don't get any points for those days...unless the store reaches its monthly goal. If at the end of the month the store reached their monthly goal, the employees get 1 point for each hour they worked during the month. They don't get double points from the day where the dayil goal was met, but they would receive 1 point for each hour they worked the whole month.

The points work like Chuck E. Cheese. I have a list of prizes the points can be redeemed for each worth a different point value. The list has things such as employee uniform shirt, gift cards for restaurants, gas cards, logoed travel mugs, logoed sweatshirts, movie tickets.

I like giving them choices of prizes because not everyone would want the same thing. The points also roll over to the next month, so someone who only works 15 hours a week can save up to get bigger items. There has been a good response from the staff on this. The enjoy the program.
one of my bosses is trying this out. we are starting at the beginning of the month. the only incentive is to meet the monthly sales goal and we will get a bonus on our checks. i think it'll be cool however, just remember there will be baristas that incentives don't work on. some just enjoy what they do and don't want/ need incentives. some also just do not have motivation to sell stuff. just ask these people to keep doing what they're doing, keep customers happy, and hopefully they'll catch the bug eventually.

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