Hey all,

I work in a coffee shop that is really hurting in the economy, and we are looking at ways to be more efficient with less waste. We only sell about 2 to 3 cups of decaf coffee all day-- but it always comes at different times of the day. I want to keep the coffee fresh, but I hate seeing $2 worth of coffee go down the drain every couple hours -- Have any of you stopped brewing your decaf in shuttles or airpots, and started brewing it by the cup instead? Were customers ok waiting a little longer?

I appreciate any thoughts or ideas!

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a work in a very small shop in a small town,we would sell 2-4 cups of decaf a day. stupid to sell not even one cup out of each pot, so i just started recomending americanos, and they liked em better, they dont even bother asking for decaf drip anymore
I am with the majority on this one: Americano's are the way to go for decaf. We simply do not sale enough decafe to justify a full airpot sitting around. If the customer has taken the time to get out and come in, they will generally spend a little extra coin for their coffee fix, especially when they learn how much fresher and flavorful their drink will be...

We use the AeroPress for this. During the process, I like to point out the colors, how the crema is blooming at the top, etc, etc, etc... I also like to make a point of showing the oils and rich crema that tends to bubble out of the bottom of the Aeropress. I like to prepare the drink in a double insulated 9oz Bodum, then pour over to the take-away cup, give the take away a swirl to high-light the oils and show those to the customer before adding hot water for the Americano...Eyes light up with delight 99% of the time :)...and because I told them and then showed them how good the Kool-Aid was, they are usually back for more :D...
we just brew it by the single cup and people are way ok with waiting, knowing that thier coffee is super fresh
pour-over beehouse single cup drip
(made in china or so)
We give them the option of americanos or single drip coffee for decaf. Also we use the decaf spro to season the portafilters. That helps alot with keeping our inventory of decaf being used.

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