We take eggnog and mix it equally with milk. We find it difficult to steam smooth creamy eggnog as an end product.. It comes out a little bubbly. Is there a trick to steaming eggnog/milk blend that is creamy? Our steaming process with regular milk is not an issue. All our Baristas are well trained in producing latte art, so we are not rookies.

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The reason says that you might be facing a dead end foaming relatively great amounts of egg to a creamy result since polypeptides in eggs start to coagulate around 60 degrees.

Have you tried those french press-like manual frothing thingies? They might be okay. You could also pour the mixture to a cream whipper and try it that way.
I personally could drink that stuff all year round! Love it!
I've found it works well when cut with some whole milk and if you can source the eggnog from a small local farm or creamery that always makes a difference. The stuff you get from typical sources usually is made with weird ingredients and thickeners.


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