My wife and I are possibly going to open our own double drive-thru kiosk in a high traffic parking lot. Am considering what equipment to buy for it. I think a nice 2 group machine will fit the bill as I've gotten pretty efficient working on a 3 group Linea. Never saw the need for the 3rd group though. What are some really good 2 groups out there for reasonable $$$, maybe $4,000 give or take. Was also considering using 1 grinder if we can get by with it, possibly the Mahlkonig K30. Would that be a great all-in-one grinder staying dialed in for shots and occasionally being used to grind for drip? Any info would be greatly apprfeciated. Thanks....

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If you're doing a double drive-thru that tells me you anticipate some high volume peak hours, that's good. I wonder if you'll find that having just one dual group machine will allow you to keep up. If your volume is good you'll need a machine and barista for each lane in order to give good service times during rush hours.

You COULD get by with just one grinder if you plan to grind all your drip coffee ahead of time, but it would be a major slowdown to try to go back and forth between drip and espresso grinds during operating hours. You'll also need to switch back and forth between decaf and regular. Trying to do all that with one grinder would be a major PITA. I'd suggest you get a portion grinder for drip and another small grinder for decaf espresso.

Where are you located? I have two machines and a dual bin portion grinder sitting here that were destined for a second location. My plans to build that second shop and use this stuff have been posponed until I find out if my medical issues are resolved, or I'll be getting chemo instead. I've been thinking that I might as well sell this stuff. The machines are both dual group, one Astoria and one Conti Xeos. The portion grinder is Bunn. They all work great, older, (like late 90's models), but work perfectly. We had them thoroughly gone thru by Midwest Equipment & Espresso Specialists in Omaha last winter and they've been stored in a clean, climate controlled enviornment since. They're in Lincoln, Nebraska, if you're interested let me know. You could buy all three pieces for less than you'd spend on one new machine.

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