my shop is an oddity. located in Sioux Falls South Danowhere. A microroaster for over a decade. I am so busy I constantly have six 2.2L airpots full of drip coffee from our fetco extractor. we sell hundreds of cups of drip coffee a day add in caps, mochas, latte's its insane. we dont even really sell decaf. we only roast two different decaf origins and I probably only sell six decaf drinks a day.and we're open early to late. On top of that last week we sold over 200 lbs of coffee retail. couldn't tell you how much wholesale. It's like I'm selling gold for the price of paper. Does anyone else feel this busy?

oh yeah and if you want really good priced, kickass roasted coffee from the last place in the world you would think to find it i'll send you some

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You have to look at your cogs on a regular basis, look at your wholesale prices also. The biggest thing for us was instituting a POS system and getting our arms around all of our costs and knowing exactly what you are selling. The thing you learn is that it's not enough to be busy you have to be efficient also.
oh yeah man we have a pretty nice pos system as of this year
Johnny you are my hero.
hell, yeah i feel that busy. on saturdays we usually have 4 baristas working, plus the owner lurking in the wings to jump in and help out. it gets a bit overwhelming sometimes. we sell about the same amount of coffee and espresso drinks.orders for our espresso drinks and our "made to order" french press drinks too, have increased alot in the past few months. we have 4 pots (72 fluid ounces)of drip and 2 pots of french press made coffee available all day long. the owner gets stressed that we aren't taking in enough cash and i have to step back and realize that our operating costs are big as far as getting our wholesale products. we ship our coffee from a roaster on the west coast and we pay through the nose for shipping, plus costs of wholesale has gone up a third in the last year for us. the waste removal company, charges us an ungodly amount for trash and recycling removal. we use really good organic local milk.

on the note of busy-ness. i think that now is a time in this culture where consumers are looking for products that they can believe in. coffee with integrity from a locally owned shop for example. locally produced products. products with a name and recognizable face. this is a time in our culture, when starbucks has had to close 600 (?) stores.
3 times today, when i finished ringing someone's order through the POS, they double checked to see if the total i gave them was correct, not because they believed that i was overcharging them, but because they couldnt believe it was so cheap. giving the people good product at a lower cost definitely has the makings of customer loyalty.
the location of the shop is pretty poor ( a "D" location), but has become a destination unto itself in the past few years.
I am not sure whar you are getting at? Are you saying you have it good?
i think what both johnny and myself are "getting at" is that in this time of unprecedented failure, small 3rd wave shops are doing astronomically well. even stores that have poor locations, in the middle of nowhere. it's not necessarily having a good location that makes a shop successsful but what the shop serves and does that makes it outshine/outperform others.
Everyone else here doing astronomically well?

From the other thread on this subject, I was assuming that most were just kind of maintaining. Seems to me like all of the the shops in my area were holding on ok until unemployment passed 12%, then things kinda started heading south.

So no, we're not feeling this.

Here's my question... how's profitability?

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