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i've had my tip jar stolen before... it was a busy morning, and i had banked about $50 in tips. it was not cool. i ended up having to file a police report, do a police line up and then almost had to go to court. the guy who stole my tip jar was on parole (and in violation of his parole). There was a scheduled hearing, which i was supposed to attend, but as i got to the court house the officer assigned to my case told me that he had been sentenced and arraigned, so my presence was no longer necessary.

long story short, the guy ended up going back to prison...and all because he stole my tip jar.

i thought it was a rad trade off.
That is so unbelievable, it's funny.
We've had our tip jar stolen once.. He was caught, and still occasionally comes back in. Gutsy?
I learned I could leap a six foot high counter when a kid grabbed the jar and ran out the door. I got him and got the money, a cop saw what happened and arrested the kid and brought him back to the store. My manager informed him that "the company" doesn't prosecute..... corporate rules..... what can you do
Some places have a bottomless tip jar (essentially just a four pieces of plastic to form the sides) so that if people attempt to steal it, the tips stay on the counter and the thief gets an awkward plastic square.
We've had ours stolen once, money stolen out of it once and have caught people a few different times. Now it is a little too narrow to put your hand into (even if you were 8 years old) and we have a bouncer (we have a bar). One poor sole didn't realize we have a bouncer at the door and when he was making his way (running) out the door I simply yelled our bouncers name and his 300+ pound self stepped in front of the door, arms still crossed and asked, "You're not really risking jail time over like $20 are you?" It was fantastic.

Last guy that tried to steal my tip jar, I threw him on the ground after he stood in between 2 customers and looked like he was about to do something else. Plus he squared off with me and took a swing. I was about to mount him but I stayed on my feet because it looked like he was trying to reach inside his pocket for something....I didn't want to fall on top of a knife. So I let him up, grabbed him by the back of his jacket and threw him outside. He started swinging for the fences and I was close to kicking him in the gut because I was ticked off...but I ended up laughing at him instead because of the way he threw punches. I saw the fear in his eyes and he realized that we wouldn't be victims. I woudln't have done anything because it really isn't worth it for $20. I was just more concerned when he took the money and decided to stand in between 2 customers.

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