curious, what is a good price to pay for a 2005 ditting kr 1203 grinder??? market price if bought used???

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for a 3 years old with brand new burr i paid 1000 $ but i have to say i bought a robur and gb5 in the same time
i picked up a kr 1203 for 400 from a liquidation and am thinking about picking up another for the same price. looks like it is in good condition and runs smooth. will prob sell the other so am trying to see if it is worth the effort.

i would say it all depend on the burr

new burr are around 300 to 400 ? in canada anyway

good point. just tested it out and it works lovely! if i could find then next one in the same shape i'm sold!
I picked one up from the same liquidation source and plan to flip it for $1000 with free shipping.  You better move fast on the flipping though because a month from now, everyone who wants one will have one. and that's one heck of a paperweight.

i know they are closing a bunch of stores... i'm gonna buy a handful and just keep them. that kind of deal doesn't come around often... already see a bunch getting posted.

aaron, saw your video. nice work!!!!

hey Donny,


Pick one up for me. Have you gone up to see Jackie yet?



Ha.  Thanks.  That was from a couple of years ago.  That company has multiple units and people didn't know each other, so I made that up.  Good luck with the grinder flipping!

Donny Raus said:
aaron, saw your video. nice work!!!!
Hmmm, let me know if you have another one. 
There is a guy in the DC area that has a few for sale as is for the asking price of 400.00.  You have to go to the store level and pick up, but sounds like a good deal if you are local.  I tried to see if he would palatalize all of them up and send them to me but he didn't have the capabilities to do so.

What does this have to do with "Barista Exchanges and Travel"?


Please post in the correct forum.


Ron, the Country Guy


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