2013 blue Diedrich IR 2.5 roaster and afterburner for sale. Purchase a top of the line roaster in pristine condition at a significant savings!We are selling this as a package with the afterburner, which is designed specifically by Diedrich to greatly reduce the heavy smoking associated with coffee roasting. $25K, OBO. 

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Would you be willing to sell the roaster without the afterburner? Most cities in the US do not require an afterburner so long also the roster is under 10 kilos. Also some pics would be helpful. Does this roaster have a data port to to connect a laptop for profiling?

While it is true that most cities and municipalities around the country do not have any ordinances in place regarding the necessity of an afterburner, we would highly recommend it considering the burning of the chaff and oils during longer roasting periods for certain roast profiles. In our experience, the burning of this chaff and the oils during dark roast profiles can lead to a very pungent smokiness in the air in the surrounding neighborhoods. While this is not unpleasant, per se, it is also very strong and some people do comment about it. An afterburner certainly helps in this regard.

We need to sell both of the items together, since selling just the afterburner is extremely difficult just on its own. I hope that you understand our position. We would, however, be willing to negotiate pricing because we understand that purchasing both together is a lot.

This roaster was purchased brand new in 2013, and has never been connected. It also is mounted on a Diedrich roasting table and does have the stainless steel cooling bin with an agitator installed. Also installed is a Diedrich roasting lamp that is mounted on top of the machine. A Diedrich cleaning kit is also provided. The IR2.5 is a basic roaster, and was not offered with a data port at the time of purchase.

Both the roaster and the catalytic afterburner are a matching paint color, painted in-house at the Diedrich factory. Both are fitted for natural gas.

Thanks for the quick reply!  I would like to send a private message but need you to accept the friend request before I can do so.  

is this still for sale?

Ed Tang said:

is this still for sale?

Yes, the IR2.5 roaster and afterburner are still for sale. 

Hi is the roaster still available?


PM'D you alternatively you can contact me at sam@modus.coffee

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