Hey all, we'd like to develop an education program at our shop and frankly we have no idea where to begin.  Can anyone help us out?  We just started construction on our second location and we wanna make sure all our staff are educated/trained enough to be comfortable and professional as baristas.  We're trying to tighten up our quality and genuineness (i.e. move away from the huge super sweet drinks as much as possible) and wanna have a program in place to train and educate any future and/or current staff.  Help?

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If you haven't already, a first step is to designate someone on your staff as your trainer. Once you've done this, send them out for training. Do a program like ABC, several SCAA classes, or even hire an outside trainer to work with a small group (your leads plus trainer?).


This does three things: it tightens up your trainer's fundamental skills, gives your trainer a chance to observe the class being taught, and gives you access to training material to base your in-house program on.


Also consider sending your trainer to the SCAA's Instructor Development Program class - lots of great information there. After that, they can also work as a volunteer assistant instructor at an SCAA event, giving them the opportunity to watch some great lead instructors and gain even more experience.


I personally found the SCAA's intro+hands on espresso class, IDP class, plus Counter Culture's intro class, to be amazing resources when developing my classes. I learned something as a barista and as a trainer, and used their material as the basis for my own stuff.


Sounds like a lot of work, but doing it right is worth it.


Hope that helps.
That helps a lot.  Thanks for your advice.

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