I'm moving to Detroit in a couple weeks and I'd like to find some nice shops to get to know and perhaps eventually work at.  Anyone here familiar with the Detroit coffee scene?

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Hey Dave,
Send me your résumé at scottrutterbush@greatlakescoffee.com and let's setup a time to discuss oportunitites at Great Lakes Coffee.

I moved from Detroit recently, right before more of the coffee scene was kicking in.

Great Lakes is awesome, if nothing else a cool place to hang out at!

Astro is really simple, rotating roasters last time I checked every other month or so, and just simple pastries, also an awesome place.

Chazzano's is a sweet small space, Frank is the Roast Master and Owner, pretty small staff and place. Tasty coffee, industrial feel, no food what so ever. Frank is pretty against food ha!

However, if you are looking for something more in the Burbs, The Dessert Oasis in Rochester is killer! Roasted in house, they do pastries and stuff but the coffee is killer. A little biased since Nathan (Roast Master over there) is a good friend of mine, but definitely worth checking out too!

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