Hey everyone,

Just something i was thinking about. What do you do when someone asks you to surprise you with a new cup of goodness?

Do you just choose yourself or do you ask specific questions and if you so what questions do you ask?

Hope to have some feedback

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Personally, specific questions unless it's a regular that just wants to change it up for once. I usually ask if they normally prefer milk based drinks or not, and if no, whether or not they're going to put milk in it, that helps me rule out some of the more fruit-noted and/or acidic beverages, as the feedback I've received is that the general populace doesn't like acidic or heavy/sweet fruit coffees when combined with cream or what have you. I do, though, try to find something that they've never had, even it is close to what they usually drink. Yeah, mostly just the basics; sugary or savory, dairy or no, thicker, thinner... and price willing to pay. Don't want to just surprise someone with a seven dollar Chemex when they usually just get drip haha. 

You are the pro, you decide. But, your intuition is key. Sometimes I may even serve another customer allowing time to let my creativity come into play. I would let the customer know so they do not feel slighted. I would say this, "give me a moment and I will knock your socks off'.  Then again, I might ask a couple questions to get a sense of where they are coming from. Ok, so much for that. I do know when someone ask for somthing to really wake them up I stay away from milk espresso. I usually put a couple shots in a cup and send them over to the brew coffee area. Or an Americano. I am jabbering. hope this helps.

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