Hi all, I'm new the forums but I was hoping for some insight or guidance here... 

I'm the owner and operator of a cafe in DC, and we've found it necessary to increase our milk steaming capacity. We've had more and more customers ordering tea-based lattes at our cafe, and fewer espresso drinks. As a result, I was looking into finding something that would give me access to more steaming wands, without eating up too much of our already tight countertop space... I know Astra sells a couple solutions to our problem, but I don't know anyone who's used their dedicated steamers, or even had any experience with them... Was wondering if anyone here had any suggestions or thoughts? 

Thanks in advance!

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Honestly, I have not used dedicated steamers, ever. I've always used one or two wands on standard espresso machines. 

Keeping in mind that I may not be able to help you I'm wondering if you could let us know what you think your capacity may be. Not super accurate; just something as a starting point. 

What I can suggest though is that you consider an "auto-steam" wand to replace one of your standard wands. If it's an option, of course. That would allow you to work with two pitchers most of the time, and three or more, if you get in to milk splitting. I'd be surprised if you could produce beyond what this technique would provide for you. 

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