I tried some Danesi coffee from a local coffee shop and liked it but I am interested in opinions of it. The type that I tried was the decaf that I needed to buy for guests but I am interested in the Doppio Danesi or the Gold as well. 

How do this brand of espresso coffee stack up against the other brands out there (i.e. Illy, etc.)? 

Also, where should I purchase it? I checked out Roma Espresso but I wanted to know about other vendors out there since I have never dealt with Roma. I have purchased from Whole Latte Love but they don't sell the Danesi brand. 
(giàn phơi thông minh)
Thanks for your help.

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I use Danesi Gold as my base espresso in my shop and its always been a solid and well received choice. I have had the Doppio and don't find the uptick in quality worth the uptick in price (at least with my supplier). You could always contact Danesi in Roma to find out who they recommend as a supplier in your area. They will know who is good to deal with.

Good luck!

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