I have decided to invest in branded sleeves....any favored resources for both quality and price?

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We use Useful Products Coffee Sleeves - very economical and good customer service. However, they do only kraft or white sleeves with limited ink color options. Here's a link to their website: http://www.upicoffeesleeves.com/index.html

Plain brown sleeves with black ink stamp for us! Definitely good for the price and I like the way it looks.

We use britevision.  They have alot of options and the prices are really good.

Britevision is the best price I've seen so far. 39.99 a case of brown. Then the stamp is the way to go. Try to work a deal with a non competitive business to stamp the other side...or label, and you can make a little off of them too.

+1 for Useful Products. Ink colors aren't "limited," but you'll pay extra for PMS matching (this is standard for most press printing).

Also +1 for the idea of having a neighboring business (bank you work with, etc.) pay for the sleeves as "advertising" and get 1/4 of the real estate on the sleeve. I did this the first few years to help overcome the heavy outlay of cash needed to get custom press printing done in mass. 

We tried Useful Products, but found the sleeves too thin....no big insulating value, so not really the value we wanted.

If you want insulated value, java jackets are the best. Also, find a local cloth business and get them to make you some custom sleeves lined in felt. Then sell me cheap. I get mine for 50 cents and sell them for 2 bucks.

If your sleeves need to be insulated, your product is probably too hot in the first place. :-)

Personally I sort of hate sleeves. I just purchased 40,000 more, but I hate them — all the extra work involved in stocking them and shelving them and putting them on every cup... they're really a terrible idea, when you really think about it. Not bad for branding in the early years (my store has been open for 11, and I'd consider myself on the back end of "early") but wouldn't a double-walled cup with branding be SO much more efficient? 

You might consider looking into switching to blank double-walled cups and then a nice big stamp that can be applied to the cups. (A stamp isn't much of an upfront investment!) Look up Couer Coffee or Handsome Coffee or Prufrock for examples of places that hand-stamp their paper cups... it can actually look pretty darn good. 

V lawhead said:

We tried Useful Products, but found the sleeves too thin....no big insulating value, so not really the value we wanted.

Not sure I agree that the coffee must be too hot if we need an insulated sleeve ....however, I do agree that a double walled cop might be better!
Duh ...meant CUP
Well, correct brewing temp is 195 or so. That's hot. Sleeves re helpful. It also helps the customers feel like they're getting a quality product. You can reduce the waste a little by offering a small cent discount for bringing in their own mug.mmaybe that doesn't work as well as it sounds. And selling the felt sleeves helps a little with the locals.

Depends on what you're talking about, I suppose. Serving 190 degree coffee is perfectly fine, but a 170 degree latte?

On the question of sleeves vs perceived quality... I think a nice looking double wall cup is way nicer than many sleeves. Given the way most sleeves fit poorly and fall down when you set the cup down, I'm not sure that's really screaming "QUALITY PRODUCT".

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